Carpentry & Flooring Contracting

Our skilled carpenters and flooring professionals are experienced with all types of building materials including tiles, ceramic, marble, stone, timber and wood. Whether you require minor repairs to doors, tiles and woodwork or a complete installation for a new kitchen or bathroom, our team of carpenters and flooring experts will help to provide the right solution for your desired outcome. Our flooring team is capable of installing new floors in a variety of styles using tiles, marbles, carpets and wooden parquet flooring, which are a few of the popular choices. We work through all rooms in a property from bathrooms, bedrooms, dining, kitchen, living and staircases, providing minor floor maintenance to complete flooring installation works.


Floor and Wall Tilling works

Floor and wall tile installation is a very classic and beautiful way to spruce up your home. Tiling not only looks good but also it becomes easy to maintain and clean. To evoke a sense of tenderness, elegance, and enrichment of any rooms or hallway tiles must be installed. So, to make your home look adorned and fashionable; Fetters is here to provide you best tiling services. We are a Dubai based firm and one of the well know and experienced floor and wall tiling services. We work to add beauty, value, and durability to your homes. Our company not only do tiling work but also do all types of repair and remodeling for the kitchen, balcony, bathroom etc.

  • Epoxy Flooring for Industries
  • All Kind of Marble & Tiles contracting works
  • Demolition & New tiles Fixing
  • Domestic to Commercial tiling works
  • Commercial & Residential Tiling Works

Plaster Works

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, knowledge, workmanship and Experience. A crucial part of our success is our principal of the old, traditional skills which we combine with the latest in technology, methods and materials. This ensures we can tackle any project, be it a contemporary design or heritage listed property, in the most practicable and efficient way.

We offer professional consultations to architects, specifiers, engineers, builders and owners for heritage buildings, commercial and residential sites and bespoke projects to ensure your project is completed efficiently with the best product and methodology available to achieve your anticipated result.


False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installation

With 45 years of experience in this sector, we are one of the leading company in Dubai for all your false ceiling and partition related requirements. Our range of products includes all gypsum related material, including innovative products like BoardeX, which can be used for outside as well as internal places where there is a problem with humidity and moisture, and CoreX, our ultra-light gypsum board. Our works also consist of designer finishing false ceilings & dry-wall partitions that can be altered to any desired outcome.
We also have a huge choice of designer ceiling tiles that can be used for providing acoustical insulation. The various types of insulation we stock include those that do not need any dismantling of your current ceiling, but simply adding on, with minimal disruption. We also offer the regular ceiling tiles found in various locations like school buildings, studios, hospitals, labs, etc, offering the specifications your need for your business.
We also offer various partitioning solutions, with a choice of double glazing windows, different colored blinds and aluminum frames, as well as door frames and sliding doors for your company needs.


Painting Contracting

We are expertise in painting contacting works in Dubai. It offers various painting services in Dubai such as villa painting, oil painting, house painting, apartment painting and many more. We are one of the best painting contractors in Dubai and also in UAE. We provide the best quality wall painting services Dubai in affordable rates.
The customer happiness is the primary goal for us. So never compromise with the quality. We provide quality painting services with quality paint and painting material. To give the modern look to your houses, apartments, villas and any other property, Bhambra Technical Work is the best solution. We provide variety of painting colors from which you can select your choice that perfectly matches to your property. While decorating your interior painting work is also important thing. Decorative wall painting helps to add more attractiveness to your interior decoration. Beside painting services, we also offer the products like curtains, blinds and wallpaper having high quality.


Electrical fittings & Fixtures Services

Bhambra Technical Work has a qualified and experienced team of electricians and dedicated project managers, meaning that if you have a tight timeframe and a high quality finish is required, we can manage your project on time with limited budget. All aspects of the fit out electrical systems can be designed and installed including lighting control, audio systems and digital display screens. If you have an existing retail space we can assist with additional lighting, power and data installations, redesign and improvement of the lighting installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and service.


Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting

Our plumbing services team handles all aspects of plumbing, drainage works. Our plumbing engineers design with an approach in influencing high water efficiency, energy, pollution systems and a sustainable site. We are able to provide valuations, suggest alternatives, and thus provide high-functioning systems that meet the client’s very specific outcome as well as assisting in conserving natural resource.
We are specialized in supplying plumbing and sanitary parts. We have the ideal materials, fittings and accessories for applications in any types of space required. We can also meet the customized demands of our clients in the range as per their specifications.


Air Conditioning & Ventilations

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment perform heating and cooling for residential, commercial or industrial buildings. The HVAC system may also be responsible for providing fresh outdoor air to dilute interior airborne contaminants such as odours from occupants, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emitted from interior furnishings, chemicals used for cleaning, etc. A properly designed system will provide a comfortable indoor environment year round when properly maintained.
Our services include the maintenance of Air Conditioning equipment’s such as chillers (air cooled & water cooled), packaged, duct, split, decorative & window A/C unit and also include Duct Work, Pipe Work, Exhaust and Fresh Air Fan.


Building Cleaning Services

We know that the image of your business is important to you, just like ours is to us. We can help you project the image you want to existing and potential customers and save money in the process Bhambra Technical Works uses power washing, rotary washing, specialist hoses, brushes and if necessary safe chemical solutions to clean away pollution, sand, dust and general dirt build up so your building appears new again.

Cleaning your commercial property exterior boosts your face to the world and helps you save significantly on long-term repair and repainting costs.

Removing the stockpile of dirt and grime regularly, considerably increases the life of your paintwork. We provide a full range of property washing services to business including cleaning roofs, parking areas, signage, cladding, walls, etc.